Human resources support

HR isn't just about managing the welfare of employees, providing support when there is a problem or following legislation. It is a business tool that can assist you in achieving your business plan by fully utilising your greatest resource - your people.

The experienced, friendly team here at K Magill & Company Chartered Accountants can help ensure that your HR policies and procedures meet your business needs, whilst also complying with the ever-changing legislative requirements.

Our Human Resource (HR) Consultancy service can offer support and advice to these organisations, or act as a point of contact for HR officers in larger organisations, providing advice on employment and HR issues, such as:

  • Employment contracts
  • Drafting and implementing policies and procedures, such as:
    • Grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures
    • Dismissal procedures
    • Retirement policies and procedures
    • Harassment and bullying policies
    • Equality and diversity policies
    • Family-friendly policies (including time off for maternity, paternity, adoption and dependants and flexible working)
    • Redundancy policies
    • Absence, including sickness, bereavement and carers leave
    • Recruitment and selection fair employment policies
    • Capability procedures
    • Inappropriate behaviour policies
    • Whistle blowing policies
    • Alcohol and drugs policies
    • Smoking policies
    • Stress policies
  • Recruitment and selection processes, including conducting interviews on the employer’s behalf or as a member on the panel
  • Conducting or advising on disciplinary meetings.

Please contact us for advice.